The Fly Tool 52

1952 was the maiden flight for our ambassador plane, the Fouga Magister. Our watch is designed to become a tool for the pilot who, same as in 1952, did not have access to digital information provided by computers and GPS. Flight 1952 will help fanatics engage in complicated but then simplified calculations with our slide rule function.


The Fouga Magister

In 1948, Fouga designed a jet-powered primary trainer called CM.130 for the French Air Force (Armée de l'Air, AdA) to replace piston-engined Morane-Saulnier MS.475 aircraft. When AdA found the aircraft lacking in power from the two Turbomeca Palas turbojets, Fouga enlarged the basic design and used the more powerful Turbomeca Marboré engine. The distinctive V-tail of the new CM.170 Magister originated on the CM.8 (Aka Castel-Mauboussin 8) glider Fouga experimented with jet engines. In December 1950, AdA ordered three prototypes, with the first aircraft flying on 23 July 1952.


Fly With Us

We at Chronofixe support the effort of our exceptional pilots and engineers who have dedicated thousands of hours to make the famous 1950 Fouga Magister able to fly again and propose to all of us to discover the magical feeling to fly with a Fouga.