Flight 1952

The Flight 1952 slide rule bezel watch has been upgraded with technical prowess in every detail. Every aspect of the watch was crafted with the same commitment to the accuracy and precision of the Chronofixe's French watchmaking heritage since Chronomats were produced.

The Flight 1952 is equipped with an automatic Cal. 9015 movement and a slide rule bezel, making this timepiece an analog computer on your wrist.


How to use a flight computer

The slide rule bezel has two matching logarithmic scales - one stationary and one on a rotating outer ring. You perform multiplication and division by rotating the outer ring.

You can use a slide rule bezel to handle airspeed, rate/time of climb or descent, flight time, distance and fuel consumption as well as distance unit conversions.

Calculations can be made by using one or more of the three reference points.

  • number 10 on the outer scale

  • 12 o'clock on the dial

  • text STAT on the outer scale.

These reference points allow you to use the given data to perform the correct calculations.