We at Chronofixe support the effort of our exceptional pilots and engineers. They have dedicated thousands of hours to make the famous 1950 Fouga Magister able to fly again and propose to all of us to discover the magical feeling of flying with a Fouga.

We are proposing our community and followers onboard a STILL Flying Fouga magister with immense pleasure and honor.

We have listed a few – but not all places where fanatics could fly and have the sensory experience of navigating onboard a two-seater fighter jet plane. 

Available in France:

  • Pointoise
  • Beauvais
  • Airport Rennes
  • Brittany Abbeville Uden
  • North Brabant
  • Netherlands
  • Santa Fe
  • New Mexico
  • USA


Please let us know if you take your Chronofixe on board this flying experience –and send us photos to share with the community. A special gift awaits you after your landing.