Diving through incredible depths during my military operations in the navy made me realize how my Chronofixe was essential in my missions. Once you’re down there and alone in cold water, the only tool I could rely on was my watch.” 
- Pierre Campenet, Capitaine de vaisseau and brand ambassador for Chronofixe

"Combat diving in the earlier years during the 1960s was much more an adventure than today, having only the bare necessities with me while I conducted repairs, salvage operations, and avoiding being harassed by sea creatures or getting lost among the silt and darkness of the ocean floor. Relying on my high-precision and legible Chronofixe watch, it helped me numerous times to calculate and estimate my diving time and oxygen level consumption. It was the most precious tool among my limited military possessions that it never left my wrist in any operation I was in."

Pierre Campenet reckons his remarkable experience in the French Navy. Born on June 30, 1923 in Vesey, a small village in Haute Saone, his life took a sudden turn when he joined the resistance at 17 after finishing his first year of advanced math studies. It was after the war in 1945 when he joined the French Navy as a third-class sailor and was appointed as an officer for Acts of War or Acts of Brilliance. In the succeeding years, he took part in various missions aboard the ships of the Navy, and in 1952, after taking missions in Algeria and Indochina, he returned to complete his officer training on the Jeanne d'Arc.

The following year, he reached another milestone after graduating with the n°136 as a combat swimmer. This made him the 4th officer to command the prestigious Commando Hubert. Between 1955 and 1962, he spent his life in Algeria, taking with him numerous accolades and commendations. He reached the peak of his military career with the rank of Capitaine de vaisseau.