Pierre Campenet was born on June 30, 1923, in Vesey, a small village in Haute Saône.

In 1940, when he was finishing his first year of advanced Math studies, he joined the resistance in order to escape the compulsory labor service, among other things.

At the end of the war in 1945, France being exhausted, he left for Arzeu in Algeria to join the French Navy as a third-class sailor.

In 1946, he was appointed as an officer for Acts of War or Acts of Brilliance.

In 1950, after various missions on ships of the French Navy, he left for Indochina and returned in 1952 to complete his officer training on the Jeanne d'Arc.

In 1953, he left to train as a combat swimmer, from which he graduated with the n°136, making him the 4th officer to command the illustrious Commando Hubert.

From 1955 to 1962, he spent his life in Algeria.

After 33 years of service, including 21 years of sailing, hundreds of parachute jumps & scuba dives, as well as numerous decorations & commendations, he left the French Navy with the rank of Ship Captain.

“33 years of service, 21 years of sailing, hundreds of parachute jumps and scuba dives… the dedication and purpose served are what best defines my years in the French Navy.”
-Pierre Campenet, Lieutenant de vaisseau, 1953